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By downloading and install the online payback time. As phil town illustrate in payback time, even if your employer matches your contributions, the tax effect essentially nullifies any benefit of the 401k. You set a stockpiling price at the lower of the margin of safety price or the 8 year payback time price and you can read my new book, payback time, to see. Phil town announces payback time book tour duration. Payback time by phil town free pdf ebooks downloads. In my book, payback time, i spend a whole chapter talking about berkies. Until we can resolve the matter, please find the very same calculators and more at phil s payback time book site. Town opens the book by explaining the basic strategy payback time is. A berky is any investment that you load up with cash, invest it. Tax time means time to wake up and consider any available strategies that can help you reduce your tax liability.

The title there, like most investing books lately, takes advantage of the recent drop in the stock market to entice readers. Tony martinez, founding partner, wealth without risk, llc. I recommend this book highly to anyone who wants to buy into wonderful companies with no risk. Payback time ebook by phil town 9780307461889 rakuten kobo. Phil town doesnt think traditional 401k plans are the way to go because most give you very few investing options. Read payback time making big money is the best revenge. These fund managers take that money whether they made you any money or not. The book explained payback time as a method to reduce emotional fears and how to use floors and ceilings, a technique used by traders, to time purchases for maximal return. Though just reading it wont allow you to identify stocks and ceilings it does provide you with more tools to analyse the market and stock prices it is reassuring to know.

Phil town has done it once again with his new book, payback time. Town knows how to play by the rules in the making big money game. However the content and tone of the book isnt as whiny as you might think, and is generally applicable to investors in all markets. Payback time by phil town overdrive rakuten overdrive. A berky is any investment that you load up with cash, invest it, and. Payback time is a must read for everyone whos ready to take complete control of their financial freedom, and wants to do so with confidence, safety, and sound investment principles. But because many people arent ready to go from mutual funds directly into trading without understanding investing for the long term he created payback time.

Phil town, the author of payback time, uses the rule of 72 pretty much all the time. In payback time phil gets into even more detail about buying stocks and steers the novice into the proper investment direction. Published by the crown publishing groupin mar 2010. Dont get caught in the dollar cost averaging trap phil town duration. It gives you a sense, as an owner, of how long it would take you to get your investment back, based on the companys historical earnings stream. Payback time explains the concept of stockpiling stocks for long term high returns with low risk. This complete summary of the ideas from phil towns book payback time shows that, all too often, people put their longterm investment capital into mutual funds and then sit back and hope someone else will make them.

According to author phil town in his new book payback time, you dont get what you pay for with your 401 k your 401k fund managers and administrators are charging you, on average, 25 % per year of your expected roi. Anyway, ive recently read phil towns new book payback time. It isnt perfect but its quick and dirty and does not require a calculator. Reviewing phil towns book, payback time seeking alpha. Compare book prices on to buy books from the lowest price among top online book retailers.

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