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These questions and their respective solutions have been documented below, for your information. Guidance for the implementation of repeat dispensing 3 it is possible for a patient to be issued with more than one repeatable prescription concurrently for example, to manage medicines with different dispensing intervals. Electronic repeat dispensing handbook linkedin slideshare. All you need to do is collect your medicines from your pharmacy. Repeat dispensing used with eps introduced new functionality and legal prescription information that differs from the paper process. Benefits of nhs repeat dispensing schemes for patients and practices psnc training for community pharmacists on repeat dispensing cppe repeat dispensing service specification for community pharmacies. Repeat dispensing sample patient dispensing record sheet instructions.

If a cancellation is not received 30 days prior to day 1 of the course, cppe reserves the right to retain 50 percent of the course fee and will reimburse the remaining 50. All proformas should be completed clearly and legibly if handwritten. The rps support service can answer enquiries about all aspects of pharmacy and produces guidance and support documents. For consistency, we will use z atch repeat dispensing or rd throughout this document. Your doctor will give you several prescription forms. Pharmacists must undertake appropriate training in respect of repeat dispensing and successful competition of the cppe. Helping gp practices get started with repeat dispensing t dispensing y popular with es gp actice time. The cppe is already commissioning work as preparation for making the accuracy of clinical and practice information future proof. Each unit presents information and activities that are relevant for pharmacy.

Electronic repeat dispensing erd in response to covid 19. Repeat dispensing questions and answers since the introduction of repeat dispensing in northern ireland in may 2005, both community pharmacists and gp practices have frequently asked the same questions in relation to the scheme. You are able to change your nomination at any time during the electronic repeat dispensing cycle. It is also developing return to practice support for members. This code must always be coded over 1 and only used once on a batch issue relating to the intervention 2. Since i did my accreditation ive only used tokens three or four times, and each time ive been shepherded through the particular procedure used at that pharmacy by the dispensary staff, so its been ok. She has worked in both community and hospital pharmacy and currently works for the ccg.

Contractors are able to find information on the level of repeat dispensing within their locality and health board areas. Xakrx patient consent given for repeat dispensing info transfer. For example, if the patient has prescriptions for a months supply now, then the repeat dispensing should be set up as x. If your cancellation is received 30 days or more prior to day 1 of the course, this will result in a reimbursement of the course fee. The proforma is for use by both gps and community pharmacists to facilitate the transfer of information on patient participating in the repeat dispensing scheme. Electronic repeat dispensing and the previously available paper system sometimes known as batch prescribing has been slow to be adopted. Find out who is the pcts repeat dispensing lead and start a dialogue with them. Repeat dispensing handbook nhs sunderland clinical. Repeat dispensingelectronic repeat dispensing erd at least two thirds of all prescriptions generated in primary care are for patients needing repeat supplies of regular medicines, and since 2005 repeat dispensing has been an essential service within the community pharmacy contractual framework cpcf. Your gp practice will send your repeat dispensing prescriptions to your named pharmacy. Repeat dispensing is the process by which patients with longterm medical conditions can obtain repeat supplies of their medicines over a defined period of time from a pharmacy of their choice, without the need to contact their prescriber on each occasion a new supply is. The prescription is sent electronically to the patients nominated community. Careful selection of the patient group is essential for the arrangements to work smoothly see operations manual for more details.

Patients will need to be aware that if they wish to use repeat dispensing, information on their use of the arrangements and medication dispensed may be passed between the pharmacist and prescriber and vice. Repeat prescriptions account for approximately two thirds of all items dispensed in community pharmacy. Sep 02, 2019 electronic repeat dispensing erd is a function of eps that gives benefits to patients, dispensers and gps. This site uses cookies small files stored on your computer to simplify and improve your experience of this website. Dispensing with repeats pharmaceutical services negotiating. Repeat dispensing is an essential service and part of the community pharmacy contractual framework. The due date is calculated as the date the previously dispensed prescription within the regime was marked as dispensed plus amount of days prescribed. Electronic repeat dispensing for dispensers nhs digital. Dispensing repeats should repeats be offered for dispensing. Pharmacies will already have an sop in place for the dispensing of prescriptions. Private prescrptions and repeat dispensing thanks bobbin for reply. The following tips are to be used by pharmacy contractors in conjunction with the service specification that appears on the psnc website. Community pharmacy south central cppe local tutors. Your named pharmacy will supply you with your first months medicines.

Cppe update places available for mary seacole and accuracy checking pharmacy technician programmes. You can copy and paste the content into a letter or leaflet or you could include it on your website. Continuously improving the quality of care we give patients and improving the outcomes of their treatment is the core purpose of the new nhs commissioning system. These repeat prescriptions account for nearly 80% of nhs medicine costs for primary care. Repeat dispensing scheme patient information leaflet. Electronic repeat dispensing is a process that allows a patient to obtain repeated supplies of their medication or appliances without the need for the prescriber to hand sign authorised repeat prescriptions.

In kent only 7% of surgeries use erd and it is for community pharmacy an essential service requiring pharmacists to notify gps of suitable patients. It will help you learn with your colleagues and improve the services you offer your patients. The nhs regulations state that a pharmacist shall undertake appropriate training in respect of repeat dispensing. Multiple electronic repeat dispensing prescriptions can be issued. Nhs community pharmacy contractual framework essential. You will also be given a repeat medication card which will list all of your regular medicines. Cppe is a notforprofit organisation, offering continuing professional development cpd opportunities by providing highquality, professional. Does a repeat dispensing batch issue form have to be an exact duplicate of the repeat dispensing authorising form, e. When erd has been set up, add read code xajus on repeat dispensing system.

The centre for pharmacy postgraduate education cppe has developed a new elearning programme to help community pharmacists provide a safe and efficient repeat dispensing service, explain repeat dispensing and its benefits to patients and prescribers, and use paperbased and electronic repeat dispensing. The nhs repeat dispensing service is also commonly referred to as batch repeat prescribing, batch repeat dispensing and also batch prescribing repeat dispensing. The majority of repeat dispensing is now carried out via eps release 2 and is termed electronic repeat dispensing erd. This will help contractors benchmark their own performance.

It is a new way of getting your medicines without having to ask the doctor for a prescription each time. Private prescrptions and repeat dispensing pharmacy forum uk. Nhs repeat dispensing book 1 5 about cppe focal pointprogrammes weve developed focal pointto give you short, clinically focused learning sessions. For example, outstanding repeat dispensing batches must be cancelled when. The centre for pharmacy postgraduate education cppe has released a new. This pack needs to be completed by all community pharmacists wishing to run a repeat dispensing service as part of the essential services in new contract. An electronic repeat dispensing prescription can contain up to four items, the same number as on a normal eps release 2 or fp10 prescription. The gp sends erd batches of medication to the pharmacy of your choice, which has been authorised for dispensing by the pharmacist for a maximum period of 12 months. This guidance enables prescribers and dispensers to use the functionality effectively. In 2014, when we started this work, erd accounted for fewer than 5% of repeat prescriptions across wessex. Intervention fees can only be claimed in instances where the community pharmacist has. Nhs england have also published electronic repeat dispensing guidance which could be useful to gp practice teams. Successful completion of the cppe open learning material.

For patients on a repeat dispensing regime, the next prescription will drop into the pharmacy system 7 days prior to the due date. Repeat dispensing questions and answers clinical systems. Under the repeat dispensing service pharmacy teams will. Repeat dispensing is the process by which patients can obtain supplies of their repeat medicines over a defined period of time, without the need to contact their gp practice on each occasion a new supply is required. Should have mentioned that i am based in northern ireland. Repeat dispensing handbook for sunderland 2014 3 sunderland linical ommissioning group ack to ontents page nhs repeat dispensing introduction welcome to the updated guidance for repeat dispensing in sunderland. Sample repeat dispensing record sheet health and social. Cppe information the centre for pharmacy postgraduate education cppe are part of the manchester pharmacy school, within the faculty of medical and human sciences at the university of manchester. Electronic repeat dispensing erd is an integral part of eps, which offers many extra benefits over paper repeat dispensing and repeat prescribing. Dispensing dispensing is an important part of the practice of pharmacy, in which the pharmacist or the pharmacy technician under the direct supervision of the pharmacist interprets the physicians requirements on the prescription and accordingly supplies medicines for the treatment of his patient s. Record the patients name and address in the patient details column as shown below 2. Read the cppe distance nhs repeat dispensing focal point programme and online assessment.

Electronic repeat dispensing if you already get your pharmacy to order your medicines then nothing will change but there are more benefits in using this service. The cppe is committed to maintaining the accuracy and development of this site annually or more frequently in the event of major changes. How to get started with repeat dispensing lpcs june 2010. All the items on an electronic repeat dispensing prescription must be in the dictionary. It is our first communication topic in this format and is therefore a learning programme. Although the guide is extremely informative and brings up great issuespoints it has to be taken into account that because this is written by the npc nation prescribing centre, which is located in the uk our legislation names and some minor guidelines are different.

Hi, have recently passed the cppe repeat dispensing accreditation but still have many questions on repeat dispensing rd. Your repeat dispensing prescription will automatically go to your nominated pharmacy. The whole repeatable prescription can be valid for a year, but each repeat should be for no longer than the patient has now. Repeat dispensing allows the prescriber to authorise and issue a batch of prescriptions for up to 12 months. Jose is a cppe tutor working across hampshire and the isle of wight.

If you do not cancel the batch, any outstanding erd prescriptions will move with the prescriber and be charged to their new practice. People with chronic conditions that are likely to remain stable. Repeat dispensing scheme patient information leaflet repeat. Cookies are small text files stored on the device you are using to access this website. Batch repeat dispensing is an alternative model for prescribing and dispensing regular medicines to. Pcts in pathfinder sites have identified a number of factors that. Repeat dispensing is voluntary and not all patients will be suitable or wish to participate. We are currently getting a lot of private rxs from republic of ireland. Record the dispensing interval in the interval column, if this is not specified you can calculate this form the quantity and directions on the script.

Fully funded programmes available to develop your pharmacy workforce. Electronic repeat dispensing handbook herefordshire ccg. Electronic repeat dispensing handbook august 2018 this handbook has been designed to act as a quick reference guide and as a point of reference for staff in gp practices and community pharmacies to help resolve common problems and make the most of the. Cymraeg welshoverview this distance learning pack looks at how a repeat dispensing service would work, documentation required and responsibilities of a pharmacist. Written by richardbuxton on friday 23rd august 2019.

They will ensure that each repeat supply is required and seek to ascertain that there is no reason why the patient should be referred back to their general practitioner. Explaining electronic repeat dispensing erd to patients you can use the information below to explain to patients how electronic repeat dispensing erd works. The repeat dispensing service enables you to dispense regular medicines to suitable patients who have been issued batch prescriptions without the involvement of the gp practice at the point of dispensing. Pj online articles supplementary prescribing training. Local workshops may be provided by cppe and pcos to facilitate any local arrangements, but attendance at these will be voluntary. Electronic repeat dispensing community pharmacy south. Find out how the lmc are approaching this issue and whether they have a lead for repeat dispensing. Weve already put a lot of hard work into repeat dispensing in sunderland, as it was a quality indicator for us as a g for 2014.

Links to other resources on repeat dispensing are available on the psnc website. Do all patients on repeat medication have to transfer to repeat dispensing. Nhs community pharmacy contractual framework essential service repeat dispensing. These instructions are guidance for the completion of the repeat dispensing communication proforma. Explaining electronic repeat dispensing erd to patients. Your doctor and pharmacist will tell you, for example it may be monthly or as and when you need it depending on the type of medicine. In some areas repeat dispensing is known as batch prescribing. Electronic repeat dispensing introduction this handbook has been designed to act as a quick reference guide and as a point of reference for staff in gp practices and community. Electronic repeat dispensing for prescribers nhs digital. This will authorise the surgery to issue up to 12 onemonth repeat dispensing forms.

Understands the principles of safe and effective repeat prescribing systems determines which patients and which medicines are suitable for repeat dispensing demonstrates ability to describe the local repeat prescribing policy and process and identifies goodquality repeat prescribing processes prescribing data. Although the guide is extremely informative and brings up great issuespoints it has to be taken into account that because this is written by the npc nation prescribing centre, which is located in the uk our legislation names and some minor guidelines. The prescriptions are stored securely, electronically on the nhs spine. Intervention fees can only be claimed in instances where the community pharmacist has had to contact the patients prescriber 3.

Community pharmacy assurance framework cpaf pre visit. Pharmacies will dispense repeat prescriptions and store the documentation if required by the patient. How to get started with repeat dispensing page 1 of 2 updated june 2010. Community pharmacy south central cppe update places. Repeat dispensing with the electronic prescription service eps provides huge efficiency savings in general practice. May 04, 2014 whilst researching i came across a very interesting pdf document regarding repeat dispensing. Cppe launches repeat dispensing elearning programme.

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